Environmental damage


306 W 232nd Street construction site has been filled with standing water since it was excavated on 3/1/23. 

Groundwater on the construction site every day since the excavation on 3/1/23

The map below shows how the building site (in Red square) sits directly above the historic path of the Tibbetts Brook.  The area experiences frequent flooding. 

The adjacent property (a parking lot and active driveway) has experienced damage to

infrastructure  . 

3/19 Updates

There continues to be standing water on site everyday since excavation began on 3/1.  

The Partial Stop Work Order by DOB is still in effect.

The damage to the adjacent parking lot and cement retaining wall is no better and appears to be worse.  It is unsafe for parking.

Images taken on 3/19 and 3/20.

5/1/23 after the rains

7/10/23 Parking Lot Sinking